Group walks: the more the merrier

Group walk in the park
Everything is better with friends by your side

Two weeks ago I wrote about taking your pooch to the dog park. This has a lot of benefits, the main ones being that your dog gets exercised and is able to socialize with other dogs. Another great activity that grants both of these is group walks. After all, the more the merrier.

Walking your dog in a group can be achieved in different ways. For example, on a regular walk, you’ll often run into the same people with their dogs. Why not invite them to a group walk? Or maybe you could ask some of your neighbors along. This is a great way to get to know them better.

However, there is another way for your dog to have a walk with a group of dogs. If you have to leave your dog alone at home when you go to work, chances are you have a dog walker. Instead of looking for a walker who will just take Fido out for a short walk, you can opt for someone who will take your pooch along with some other clients. This way the merry band can hang out and have fun together for a while.

All tuckered out
All tuckered out after his walk

No matter which way you do it, group walks are a good idea. As with any walk, it means your pet get a chance to release energy. Group walks have the added bonus that they are also a great opportunity for our four-legged companions to socialize. Especially for younger dogs who still have to learn doggy manners and protocols, these walks are a great help. But for any dog, they are a way to meet new friends and maybe see some new places.

If you are considering group walks, keep in mind that for some dogs an entire pack of strangers can be intimidating. Be careful when introducing the members to each other and keep an eye on them. If your dog isn’t comfortable in big groups, a group walk can also consist of just one or two others. After all the whole point is the have fun and be merry, not to scare your pooch.

2 thoughts on “Group walks: the more the merrier

  1. When we were a multiples family, (2 OES’s and 1 goofy standard poodle), we looked like a 3 ring circus coming down the street and people would stop us and ask how we were able to manage. I’d tell them I got lucky…the ‘gang’ were just happy to get out in the wild every day. BOL


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