Activities: Dog Sports

This week’s activity is aimed at people and dogs with a lot of energy who like being active. So all the two- and four-legged couch potatoes can stop reading right here. If, however, your pooch is a bundle of energy and you are looking for a way to let him blow off some steam, why not try out a dog sport.

dog sports agility

There are a lot of dog sports out there. You’ll probably have heard of agility and flyball before, but what about dock jumping, hound trailing or scootering?  There are too many sports to list here, but you can see the list over here:

There are a lot of advantages to doing sport with your pooch:

  • Exercise is healthy for both of you
  • It will stimulate your dog’s mind as well
  • A good way for your pooch to release some of that energy
  • It will strengthen the bond with your dog
  • A way of meeting new human and doggy friends
  • It’s just fun
Strengthening the bond
Strengthening the bond

If now I have you thinking that you’d like to try this, good! However, before jumping into this recklessly, do your research. Not every sport is suited for your dog’s breed and, especially, his or her personality. If you have found a sport suited for you, look up what it entails and how much time and effort you have to invest in it. If you are not willing to commit, you can save a lot of time by not starting it in the first place. If all this information hasn’t dissuaded you yet, you can start looking at clubs and schools in your area where you can learn the ropes and to guide you in the whole process.

Also, and this goes without saying, but make sure your dog is healthy and fit enough to participate in any of these activities. And when driving to the club or venue, make sure your dog is properly secured in the car with a crate or pet barrier.

But now, go out and have fun!

Is there a dog sport you’d be interested in? Are you and your four-legged friend active in a dog sports? Let me know in the comments and tell me what you like about it.


8 thoughts on “Activities: Dog Sports

  1. Agility is very fun if your dog is interested. We do agility, obedience, and tracking. I would love to compete in Schutzhund but my dog is fearful and I’m not sure that we would pass the BH.
    It’s very rewarding to work as a team with your dog! It’s a bond that can’t be found anywhere or with anyone else.❤️

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    1. Sounds like you and your dog have a lot of fun together! If I’d had to choose a sport, I’d go for agility too, however for an elderly dog with bad hip dysplasia that’s out of the question.

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  2. Training a dog to go through the agility course takes a lot of time and patience. I admire the owners who do it! My cousin taught his little rescue dog to go into the kitchen and close all the cupboard doors with his nose…it’s pretty funny to watch! I bet he could handle an agility course!


  3. hello pet barrier its dennis the vizsla dog hay pet sports!!! i yoozed to do adjility and flyball bak in the day but between my anxiety and now just beeing to old i kannot do eether wun ennymore!!! but it wuz fun wile it lasted!!! and hay gess wot my mama also tawt me how to klose kupbord doors with my nose!!! wel yoo no it helps to pass the time!!! ha ha ok bye

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    1. Hi Dennis, Sorry to hear you can’t do agility and flyball anymore, but it sounds like you used to have a lot of fun while it lasted at least! 🙂 It’s very clever of you to have learned how to close cupboard doors, just one tip: maybe now you also want to learn how to open them so you don’t have to wait for your human to give you some of those well-deserved treats 😉 Have a pawsome day, Dennis!


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