Traveling by car with your dog

Last week’s post was about the last of the car safety items: the hammock. Today’s topic is also about traveling but in a more general sense. I’ll be covering some tips and advice about traveling with your dog. Again, my focus will be on traveling by car, though some of it will be valid in other situations too.

Be prepared

Before going anywhere with your pooch, make sure you have packed all the necessary ready to go. This ranges from truly vital stuff such as a leash and food to more trivial things such as their favorite toy animal. The full list of basic doggy travel kit includes, in random order:

dog treats
Bring lots of treats
  • Food and treats
  • Food and water bowl
  • Water bottle for in car and on walks
  • Leash and collar, also a back-up one
  • Towels and blankets
  • Bedding
  • Brushes and other grooming tools
  • Bags to clean up after your dog
  • First aid kit
  • Toys and distractions to keep them busy during the ride
  • Any necessary medication
  • The number of a vet at your destination, and your own vet’s number too
  • crate, barrier or other preferred way of securing your dog in the car


I strongly advise that before you leave you take the dog for a check-up at the vets. This way you can both go on adventure without any worries. It also wouldn’t do any harm to inquire whether your pooch might need some vaccinations to protect him from viruses that are common in your destination. These might not be the same as can be found in your home area, thus your dog could be unprotected against them.

In the car

Make the car ride fun
Make the car ride fun

The day has come and now you’re in the car and en route to your great holiday adventure. Dogs are not people, but when it comes to car travel their needs are similar. Just like us they need frequent stops to stretch their legs and have a pee break. Make sure that water is always available to them at these stops to avoid dehydration.  And just like kids, you’ll need to keep your dog entertained. Some dogs may love just looking at the windows during the whole ride, but most dogs I know get bored and start fussing after a while. So give them a bone to chew on, or play a small game that will stimulate their minds.

Keep all this in mind and your trip will turn out great. What are the thing you do to prepare for a car ride with your dogs. Are there things that you just have to take along Let me know in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Traveling by car with your dog

  1. Great tips. Thanks
    Can I suggest one addition to the list? That is emergency vet number(s) at the proposed destination. Experience has taught me that!! Just in case. 🐶😀


  2. Sam loves the “idea” of traveling in the car, but once the key is turned, he hunkers down like Flat Stanley and shakes most of the trip. He does this each time he gets in the car and is always the first one to the garage. Silly dog! We have a dog bag in the car right next to the first aid kit. It’s ‘impawtant’ to be prepared. Thanks for highlighting this!


    1. One of mine is exactly the opposite of Sam, he doesn’t seem to like cars as he tries to avoid getting in, but as soon as he’s in the car he happily enjoys the ride. Silly indeed, they can’t seem to make up their minds.

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  3. Great information on how we handle our dog during travel, and also the reminders that we need to go first for both check to make sure that we are reliable and to know that were in a good health to make a travel! Great article and very helpful thankie. .


  4. Any suggestions are welcome. My young female terrier, approx 3 years, has major panic attacks when in the car. She’s a rescue and we don’t know anything about her puppyhood. She shakes so bad that I’m afraid she’s having a seizure! We want to start traveling, but I’m worried for her.


    1. Is she scared just being around the car too? Maybe you could just take it step by step and try to get used to the car first, just using treats to make her comfortable around the car and taking her closer and closer before you persuade her in the car. Just for a bit first with door open and then longer and longer.

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      1. She is petrified of the car period. She shakes so hard, her little 10 lb body vibrates a Dodge Ram. I think she was taken from her home and dumped on the street where the ACO caught her. Thanks for the treats idea. I’ll try it.


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