Car hammocks for dogs

The last car safety item for dogs I mentioned on my list in this post is the car hammock. The idea behind the car hammock for dogs is simple: it’s like a big backseat cover that runs between the top of the backseat to that of the front seat. This way the cover forms something resembling a hammock. It looks like this:

The Petego Car Hammock
The Petego Car Hammock










Car hammocks are made of waterproof materials and because they cover the entire backseat, your dog will not get the chance to dirty your seat with muddy paws. It also keeps your dog from shedding hair all over your seats. The hammocks can be easily removed for cleaning to get rid of the stains and the hair.

Most of the hammocks are equipped with slits that allow you access to the seat belts. This way you can use the hammock even when the dog has to share his seat with a human passenger. For those who are so inclined, it also allows you to combine the hammock with a car harness or seat belt for your pooch.

The car hammocks for dogs have one big advantage over say, a simple towel or blanket. Because they cover the footwell between front and back seat, your dog has more space. It also means you don’t have to worry about Fido falling in the footwell and possibly hurting himself.


While they do keep your car clean, they do not keep your dog safe in the car. That is because car hammocks do not restrain your beloved pets in any way, instead allowing them to roam free in the back. Because it attaches to the top of the front seat, it does form a barrier between front and back seat. However, the hammock is in no way strong enough to actually contain your dog when it’s catapulted through the car in case of an accident. In fact, even in normal circumstances the hammock probably offers very little resistance to active and persistent dogs.

A box-like car hammock

Another downside of the hammock is that with the high side your dog might not be able to see you anymore which might cause anxious dogs to panic. Also, some hammocks are almost box-shaped which means that smaller dogs could also be unable to look out of the window, causing car sickness.


Car hammocks for dogs are a great and easy way to keep your back seat clean, but I cannot truly consider it a way of keeping a beloved four-legged family members safe while traveling by car. What do you think? Would you use a hammock to transport your dog in the car?


6 thoughts on “Car hammocks for dogs

  1. As a protective cover, it could work. But where safety is concerned, no way. Dogs need to be properly secured if the vehicle is going to be moving, either through a proper travel harness, or in a secured kennel/crate. The hammock idea would be great if you’re just hanging out and relaxing somewhere, though.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting, Ellie. It’s great to hear from readers! Have an awesome day and an awesome weekend! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the nice comment. And yeah I feel exactly the same way about hammocks, good for hanging out in the car, but not to be considered a safety device at all.


  2. We had a hammock like this it lasted us for almost 3 years it broke due to our fault (3 large dogs) but it worked nicely and easily washable. Made our back seat a little bigger. But it’s true it’s not safe.

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